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8 Weeks Legs & Glute guide

This is an 8-week plan focused on legs & glutes that helps you to lose weight and also gain muscle so your legs and glutes are looking toned.
Each week you are focusing on different intensity, such as muscular conditioning, high volume, hypertrophy etc.
There are 3 workouts a week that is focused is glutes, quads & hamstrings. The workouts are based in the gym. The equipment you would need is cables, barbell, leg machines & bodyweight exercises to do.
The average workout takes 40 minutes up to an hour. Each workout has a demonstration of video how to perform the exercises.

The workout is based on the AFLETE app, available on iOS & Android.

Price: EUR 25.00 / GBP 21.90 / USD 29.45

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About Me

Hi beauties!! Iā€™m Natalia Sanz enthusiastic about sports and healthy life and Iā€™ m here to help you reach your goals !!

I'll tell you a little about me first ... I started doing sports since I was very little, practicing a great variety of them.

When I was 9 years old, I started to do volleyball and without realizing it, I was federated for 10 years doing this sport! It was a very happy and incredible stage in my life as I learned the discipline, perseverance and effort to do what makes you happy.

3 years ago I began to train in the gym and I am immediately passionate about cultivating my body and learning what is the best and what works for me.

I also discovered the world of bikini fitness competitions and I loved it, I'm still competing and struggling to reach new goals.

Today I am here to undertake a trip with you teaching you in the most positive and motivating way to achieve your goals Use the #FitNat hastag so I can see your progress LET'S GO!!

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